About Us

The Citadel Schools is a co-educational institution where teaching and learning are given their full meanings, and education given a pragmatic interpretation. The school was established in September 2013. The school provides a conducive atmosphere suitable for actualizing parents’ educational dreams for their children/wards. The young and heart feels the comfort and the warm embrace of teacher-aunties and uncles. Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor aspects of education are given appropriate emphasis.

THE CITADEL SCHOOLS is established with the aim of joining other well meaning educational institutions in contributing to the growth and development of our education sector which, through the efforts of the government and private individuals, taking a turn in the right direction. The facilities and curriculum are structured to meet the requirements of the present day educational needs for the growing child.

The school is the cradle for quality teaching, coaching, nurturing, mentoring, counseling, and modeling of young and growing minds to becoming icons in various fields of life endeavor. The word of God in proverbs chapter 22 verse 6 says “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will never depart from it”. What a child is exposed to, what a child takes in, what a child practices, early in life goes a long way to shape his /her entire being and what becomes of him/her at maturity and old age.

Training (education) is the only endowment that cannot be stolen from or taken from the child because it is in him/ her and with him or her always. Give your child/ ward the best dose of it. An adage says, “It is the first blow (strike) that kills the snake”. It is important to GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. This is what THE CITADEL SCHOOLS is set up to achieve for your child/ward.

We run a Montessori, British and Nigerian system of primary and secondary education which focus on and challenge the mental and visual alertness of the child. We understand the fact that each child is peculiar and has specific pace and rate of assimilation. We strive to see your child perform excellently well at young age and good pace. Our goal is to ensure that every child’s dream of excelling in his/ her chosen future career/ professions is accomplished.